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Congratulations on your new puppy! We have some helpful links for important information regarding your pet’s health.

Pet Poison Helpline

Brushing Your Pet's Teeth

Heartworm Prevention

Did you know that every dog is at risk of getting heartworms and intestinal parasites? Dogs should be on a monthly preventative to stay healthy.

Sentinel provides a spectrum of prevention for your dog.


Rabies is a viral infection caused by a bite from an infected animal. Rabies is mostly transmitted by wildlife. In the United States, vaccination has been instrumental in the reduction of rabies cases in our pets.

Rabies Vaccine

Lyme Disease is transmitted by deer ticks. Ticks can transfer their infected bacteria after only 24 hours of attachment. With the increasing population of ticks, our pets are more at risk than ever.

Leptospirosis (Lepto) is a bacterial disease that is spread by wildlife. Dogs become infected with lepto bacteria by coming into contact with urine from infected animals.

ANY dog with outdoor exposure is at risk for both of these diseases.

Lyme | Leptospirosis

Flea and Tick Prevention

Did you know that every dog is at risk of getting fleas and ticks all year round? Winter does not stop fleas and ticks from attacking your pet. Your pet should be on a flea and tick preventative all year round.

  • Fleas do more than make your pet itchy. When fleas are ingested by your pet, your pet can get tapeworms.
  • Ticks are a serious problem, especially in our state. Lyme disease is very much here to stay. To help prevent your pet from getting Lyme disease, your pet should be on a monthly preventative.

There are many options for flea and tick control. Prevention may be administered in the form of a collar, pill, or topical liquid.

Seresto | Nexgard | Advantix II | Our Online Store

Vaccines are essential to keeping your pet healthy. By vaccinating your pet, you decrease the likelihood that your pet will face devastating diseases. It is important to continue vaccinating your pet throughout their life. Some vaccines require multiple boosters. Every booster is important.

Why Vaccinate

Parvovirus (Parvo) is incredibly contagious. Parvo attacks the gastrointestinal tract and white blood cells. Every dog is at risk of parvo. However, puppies younger than 20 weeks of age and unvaccinated dogs are at an even greater risk.


Pet Insurance

More and more pet owners are moving toward getting pet insurance on their pets. There are many options available, and each pet owner should shop around to find a company and plan that suites them best.

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