Cat-Friendly Initiative

We have implemented all kinds of cat-friendly practices to enhance your feline’s veterinary experience.


We strive to continually educate ourselves on the best ways to handle and treat cats. We recognize that cats are not second-class citizens and are just as important as dogs. They are also entirely different creatures from dogs, and they should be handled in ways that are best suited to their needs.


To reduce the stress that our feline patients experience during their visit to the vet, we offer a cat concierge service (CCS). This service allows you to wait in your car with your cat. We ask that you call the front desk upon arrival, and we will call you when an exam room is ready.

When we bring your cat directly from the car to the exam room, we prevent your cat from waiting in the lobby to avoid an additional environmental change that increases the stress of our felines.


When our feline patients are hospitalized, they are kept in specialized cat-appropriate housing located in a ward separate from dogs. Our cats are provided with food, water, litterboxes, towels, and benches to perch on or hide under. We also have kitty condos, which are houses with two sections linked by a portal. Cats whose needs or resources are limited or not met (especially for lengths of time) will be more likely to be stressed. Our cat-specialized housing is designed to reduce this stress.

We provide our hospitalized cats with beds that have tall edges. These beds allow cats to hide and feel safe. A large portion of exams and treatments can be provided to our cat patients from the security of these beds.
(We recommend our clients purchase tall-edged cat beds to keep in their carriers to improve their cat’s exam experience.)


Feliway is a product that mimics natural feline facial pheromones in order to comfort cats in stressful situations. We use Feliway throughout our facility. We also provide towels sprayed with Feliway to our clients while they wait to be seen. Our lobby is equipped with Feliway towels for clients to cover their cat carriers. During exam, our staff use Feliway towels to comfort our cats and allow them a sense of security and a place to hide.